Hair Removal Options

Your guide to hairless legs

Hair removal on my legs is definetely one of my pet peeves...

Wouldn't life be so much easier if us women had naturally hairless legs?Or perhaps if it was socially acceptable for us to have hairy legs?


Unfortunately life's not like we have to shave, wax, pluck and so on...

The good thing is, though, when it comes to removing hair, we have options.

And that's what we will be exploring here:

Different hair removal options to get your legs hairless and baby bottom smooth.

Majority of us still stick to old fashioned shaving. And that's ok. But is there an art to shaving? Can't you just soap up your legs, grab a razor and go for it? Sure, but you're risking giving yourself a few nicks and a bad razor rash.


Instead you can:

Read about shaving tips and tricks

What about waxing? Not a very pleasant procedure to say the least, but the results last a lot longer and a lot of women do it on regular basis.So if you're brave, I invite you to:

Read about waxing

Or you can try sugaring. It is a great alternative to waxing, and it will not cause skin irritation, like waxing can.

Read about sugaring

Or if you'd like something less messy, but just as long lasting and unfortunately still painful then you might want to look into handheld epilators.

Read about epilators

How about Hair Growth Inhibitors? Are they for real or a scam to steal your hard money away?

We explore it here

Another option, which is thankfully painless would be hair removal or depilatory creams and lotions.Never tried them? Then:

Read about depilatory lotions and creams

Would you like to permanently say good bye to your hairy legs?You can do it with laser or electrolysis . Not quite cheap, but convenient in the end.Interested in finding out more?

Read about electrolysis

Read about laser hair removal

What's your favorite hair removal method?
Hand held epilator
Depilatory lotions

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