Laser Hair Removal

A popular cosmetic procedure to reduce unwanted hair on the body.

Are you considering laser hair removal to get rid of your unwanted leg hair?

This page answers some of the most commonly asked questions about this procedure.

How does laser hair removal work?

This procedure uses low energy laser, which emits a beam of light that passes through the skin and reaches the hair follicle.The pigment in the hair absorbs the light of the laser which in turn becomes heat. That action shocks and damages the hair follicle and stops it from re-growing hair.

For the treatment to work, the hair must be in the active growth cycle also known as Anagen cycle. Your hair at any given time is going through the three cycles: the active growth, the rest, and the shedding. So the hairs that are in the other two cycles at the time of the treatment, won't be affected by it.

Who is a candidate for laser hair removal?

This procedure is not for everyone. Laser is attracted to a dark pigment, so your hair must be considerably darker than your skin. If your hair is very light, or if your skin is quite dark the treatment might not be successful. The best candidate will have light skin and dark, visible hair. The best way to find out if you qualify, is to have a free consultation with a specialist.

Is it really permanent?

Well...yes and no. What the laser clinics claim, is "Permanent Hair Reduction", so the only thing they can guarantee is that your hair will be permanently reduced, not completely gone.Most hair will not grow back and the hair that does, comes back quite a bit lighter and thinner with each treatment.However since this is a fairly new procedure, we don't really know the long term results.

How many treatments are needed?

On average 5-8 treatments are needed, however this vary greatly, depending on the skin tone and hair color and coarseness.Your specialist will be able to give you a better idea after his/her assessment.

How quickly can you see the results?

It takes about a week, or longer, for the hair in the treated area to fall out. Once they are gone, your hair will not grow back for several weeks. And once it does grow back, it should be considerably thinner and lighter.

How often do you repeat a treatment?

Usually there is 2 - 3 months between the treatments, but it all depends on your personal assessment. Your specialist will give you a better idea.

How expensive is it?

Prices vary, depending on the treatment center and your personal needs. For just lower legs you might have to pay at least $ 250 per treatment. For full legs you're looking at least $ 400 per treatment. Some places will give you a discount if you buy certain number of sessions in advance.

How long is a session?

It varies, depending on your personal needs, but on average it takes an hour for lower or upper leg, and 1.5-2 hrs for a full leg treatment.

Is it painful?

Most people don't report much discomfort. One of my friends said it felt like a rubber band snapping against your skin, others describe it as a stinging or a burning sensation. If you don't take pain well, make sure you discuss it with the specialist, as they can provide you with topical anaesthetics.

Is there side effects or disadvantages?

You might experience a temporary skin redness, that might feel like a sunburn.


If you love suntanning, there is no suntanning allowed during the course of the treatment.Otherwise the procedure is considered fairly safe, if performed properly.

Things to consider when choosing a Laser Hair Removal Specialist

  • Ask about their guarantee. Some salons will give you a written guarantee, stating that if you do for example 5 treatments and you need more within agreed time, then they will do them for free.

  • Choose the salons that have been in business for a long time and have a good reputation.

  • Ask about special offers. Some will give you discounts if you refer a friend or if you pay in advance for several treatments.

  • Shop around. Don't settle on the first offer that comes your way. There might be a better salon or a better offer somewhere else.

I hope this page provided you with the information you were looking for. If you have any more questions, comments or suggestions, or if you'd like to share your laser hair removal experience, do not hesitate to contact me.

I am here to help!


This page provides only basic information about Laser Hair Removal. It is intended for educational purposes only. Detailed information will be given to you by a laser hair removal specialist, during your consultation.

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