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Real women, real legs

Ladies, this Leg Gallery was created with you in mind.

It is extremely difficult nowadays to buy a magazine and see a picture of "real" woman's body.

Everywhere you turn, there are the pictures of "perfect" legs, "perfect" behind, "perfect" waist, etc. etc.

We all look at these "perfect" pictures and wonder: "What's wrong with me? Why can't I have a "perfect" body like the model in this picture?"

So we go on diets, starve ourselves, over exercise and still don't accomplish to look like the "perfect" picture in the magazine. Then we get depressed and think we are a failure.

Do you look at "perfect legs" in magazines and wish they were yours?


What we don't realize is that these "perfect" pictures are not real. They are computer enhanced, air brushed etc. They are made to look according to today's "perfection" standards.

The actual women behind those pictures might be in a great physical shape, but they have their flaws, just like you and me except the flaws are covered by talented technicians.

The truth is that all legs are created different and they all are "perfect" in their own way.

Some are slim, some are very skinny, some are heavier and some are chunky.

The bottom line is that they are your legs, the only ones you're going to have in this life time, so instead of hating them, learn to love them!

The pictures in this gallery are all pictures of "real" women. And they have one thing in common: they all appreciate their legs no matter how "imperfect" they would look in a glamorous magazine.

So browse through the gallery, enjoy and learn to appreciate your legs too!

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Are you proud of your legs and want to show them off? Do you love your legs despite of their flaws? Or maybe you just want to let other women know that we are all different and unique?

In any case I would love to get your contribution to this Gallery!

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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my legs... 
These legs are 19 years old. I'm really not satisfied with them. I've always considered them thick and stumpy, in proportion to my other body parts. If …...

Leg Gallery by Sandy Shockley 
These are my 34 years old legs (same age as me). Over the years, quite a number of men (and, occasionally women) have told me that I have perfect legs. …...

Leg gallery be me 
These leg's are 36 years old and 32 inch's long. I have so many women tell me that my leg's look great! Even though I don't think so.

I think they looked …...

Leg gallery by Samantha 
These legs are 36 years old. Im pretty happy with them, for the most part. I still love to wear high heels, mini skirts and short shorts, and have always …...

Elsie's legs ;) 
These legs are approaching 16 years old. I don't thank them enough! They are long and slim and healthy, and yet I ridicule them, and i take them for granted. …...

my sexy legs 
Unfortunately these legs came to us without a "Leg Story"....but the girl who owns them must be proud:)...

These legs are 25. I've always hated my mammoth, jiggly thighs,'saddle bags', (a family trait) and the overall weird shape of my legs. Combined with …...

legs gallery by carrie 
these legs are 36 years old, and they are really long and silky.......

Leg Gallery by Kari 
These beauties are 33years young. I love how tan they get when I bake in the sun.

Not bad after having 5 kids huh...

I love how tight, tone and …...

Leg Gallery by Nancy 
These are 18 year old legs. I love them, but the only thing I would change about them, are the mosquito bite scars that you can kind of see in the picture. …...

leg gallery by Jody 
My legs are 46 years old.

I consider them to be too short and muscular.

But over all have been good working and satisfactory.

Like to wear seamed …...

Magalie's legs Not rated yet
These legs are 18 years old. They used to be bigger, but they are now 18.5 inches at the top. I worked really hard to get them that thin. I can tell that …...

Judy's legs Not rated yet
I think my legs are too short and stocky looking. My husband says my legs look great for being 48years old, especially when I wear seamed stockings to …...

Jeanette shows her pins Not rated yet
These long legs are 27 years old and belong to a hard-working school ma'am, blissfully relaxing at Broadstairs after a particularly busy term (and unaware …...

Leg Gallery by Heather Not rated yet
These legs are 20 years old. I play volleyball 3 times a week, try and run (about once every other week) I play intramural dodgeball and soccer about once …...

my cute legs Not rated yet
My legs are 21 years old and feel soft and smooth .

They walked up and down stairs to make them strong ...

Leg Gallery by Kate Not rated yet
This contribution was made by a girl with a great sense of humour!

I certainly feel better about my body shape now, don't you??

"These legs are 21 …...

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